01. April – 29. October 2023 TROST 
Auf den Spuren eines menschlichen Bedürfnisses - Group exhibition

05. November 2022 – 12 February 2023 Sodium Roadium 
In collaboration with Iris Kärkkäinen

Vaasan Taidehalli, Finland​​​​​​​
26. September 2022  

Granada by director Terhi Nieminen

We wanted to award the filmmaker who has captured something authentic and raw. This film felt like it was alive and we the audience could join her road of grieving. The film tells a seemingly small story about hardships in relationships. Instead of trying to capture the whole world but instead focuses on something personal and detailed. The film is also about a special relationship and finally letting go and about the possibility of new beginnings.
Jury statements by Fanni Noroila, Suvi West & Sasha Huber